Selasa, 15 September 2009


Well actually kenapa harus cakes ya yg dibicarain, apalagi bulan puasa. but i want to so ya let's just start it

.....dan bhs gue bakal nyampur oke

Let's start with my first favorite cake.
So yummy isn't it? what a taste of heaven :D actually this is not my own cheesecake i searched this pic at google he-he. and i think my friends love it too because we bought cheesecakes for raudha and rena's birthday, and maybe for dhiara's birthday too (soon) wkwkkw kidding.


And semuanya jgn salah sangka ya, i write this all bukan buat explain ingredients and how to cook it gt2, i write it to explain why i love it and everything i know aja. dnsvflibvilwedsfvabsdv i'm kinda tired of this bahasa campur2 tp pingin. ok i changed the topic. let's go back to our topic. tiramisu cake itu my family's favorite. like my mother, father, and sisters love this cake.


would be another yummy cake!!! whoa


and last.....CUPCAKE


that's all for now!! thanksss for reading and i'm so sorry if my words were annoying for you to read he he actually i can't believe what i done -___- bahasa campur2 is very ew to read hm okay c u l8r!

Senin, 14 September 2009

I want this! (for now)

Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009

IX-4 !

Hello! jadiii hari ini saya akan menjelaskan dan menceritakan tentang IX-4 peoples (cie) mari kita mulai


as you all can see she's beautiful, she's my super bud! and she loves to do potobok scene (well when she's doing that she's not alone, saras also loves to do potobok scene) . mmmh what elseee ya, oiya she's got a boyfriend!!! his name is Maulana Septanto but everybody call him Henry. and nobody knows why his nickname is Henry!!! and he's very lucky by dating Viera. HAHA :D and her house is at pejaten too, jst lyk me :p hoho. AND I ALMOST FORGOT to mention her nickname! well......her nickname is Viera

++ her boyfriend --->


Call her Saras. SHE'S WAY TUKUL (........i mean, too cool :p), CUTE, and loves to do potobok scene. she loves anime cartoons! yeaa haha she's my japanese friend :O and she loves thriller and horror movies I guess. she's awesome at piano! she's got 2 cats, they're rocky and mylo. I always laugh when seeing her treat her cats. she shooed rocky out of her room while mylo is pleased to be in her room. HAHAHAHHAHA LOL :D


Everybody call her Dhiara. She's tall, THIN, cute, and adorableee hehe. she's my classmate since the 4th grade. she knows every secret of our crush! we don't know why but it seems every crush we got always tell their secrets to her. and when we want to know she always said "nooo, I cant spell his secret" (.....................................) and well I've never been to her house yet.


Arif. he’s my story bud. he loves adolf hittler (tulisannya gmn ya -_-“) and he’s one of Dzaky’s best friend. he loves army thingy and also………he he he peace! im not going to mention her! and now he goes to azka high school


Rifki. he’s sooo straightforward, but charming. IN FACT, many people likes him hehehe. he’s our new student at azka, and now he goes to 78 high school. and according to the gossip, now he’s dating somebody. uwaaaaaw! KI, if you read this, you have to introduce her to us now! hahahha. and also, i keep one of his secrets. and I’m not telling anyone kiiii.


She’s well-known, beautiful, and I love her hair very much!!!! we call her “ulet” :p but that’s not exactly her nickname, her nickname is Raudha. her house is our “markas” place, and she’s got a lot of gossips :D she loves to paint, and loves love songs. her paintings are soooo gorgeous! wish I could be like her hehehehehhe


Well……her name is actually Renata Mutiara Putri but she has a popular name that is Renata Verdiarmand, and everybody call her Rena. She’s tall, thin, and sweet! :) She's got a boyfriend, his name is Gandang Nur Panuluh. AND THEY HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 1 and half year!!! uuuu I'm so jealous hehehe, they're so sweet u kno! and now she goes to the same high school as me, labschool kebayoran.

haha :D :D


Me. born 14 years ago, feb 27th 95. what else? haha


Bina. she's my pretend-twin sister! she's super cute, beautiful, and adorable! she can play the piano reaaally good, her drawings are fantastic, but she's very straightforward! hehe. and i've got many similarity with her

mmm yap itu saja yg kali ini saya ingin sampaikan, ohya satu lagi, gimme back my jhs time!!!!!!!!!!!! hohoho

see ya later!

Riri :O